Green Energy Service of Pamplona City Council


The Green Energy Service is the new name of the former municipal Energy Agency, founded in 1998. It is a municipal service that depends from the Urban Ecology and Mobility Department of the Pamplona City Council.


“Towards higher energy sovereignty: renewable energy, local production, selfconsumption and ensure energy supply for each citizen”


  • Promote a rational use of energy encouraging energy saving and energy efficiency.

  • Increase the production of renewable energy thanks to municipal facilities.

  • Involve the city in saving energy and promoting renewable energy.

  • Inform, advice and increase citizen awareness regarding energy consumption.

  • Contribute to the reduction of fuel poverty.

Core activities

Information and advice

  • The SEVAP has a documentation centre and provide with a personalized assessment for citizens, professionals, companies and administrations on renewable energy and energy saving.

  • The SEVAP advises in specific projects, from an economic, financial and administrative point of view.

Training and awareness

  • Citizen awareness through informative and advertising campaigns, lectures and conferences.

  • Courses addressed to specific groups: school centres, technicians, merchants, etc. about energy saving and efficiency, new technologies and renewable energy.

  • Promotion of the SEVAP activities through local and national media.

Research and projects

  • New municipal Energy Plan.

  • Municipalisation of Energy Services (energy supply, energy control, …).

  • Promotion of renewable facilities in public buildings.

  • Initiatives to decrease fuel poverty (follow up, more coordination between local actors, citizen assessment regarding energy consumption and expenses, …).

  • Carrying out research, studies and energy diagnosis.

  • European projects.


  • Avda. del Ejercito 2, pl 9ª – 31002 Pamplona

  • +34 948 420 991

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