Joint strategy for the promotion and dissemination of Self-consumption

The main objective of this platform is to present an impartial and unbiased view of the technology to its users. As this information is offered by an entity formed by public administrations and therefore without any commercial interest, special attention has been given to ensuring transparency, technical accuracy and consistence to the truth.

This website will allow users to obtain a global knowledge of this technology showing general and specific legal, technical and economic issues, as well as the functions performed by each of the systems and technical equipment that conform these facilities. As much as possible, the website includes graphic and visual elements that help to present the information through a very intuitive interface

Additionally, the website provides a tool to design self-consumption facilities, based on input data and basic technical parameters. The tool works in a simple way and it will be possible to calculate the performance of these systems and also obtain their main operating parameters, with an acceptable margin of error and accuracy. The software is mainly intended for home users.

This website makes available to interested users practical examples of the design of these facilities, obtaining their operating parameters and their most relevant technical and economic ratios. The focus of these practices studies is acting as an educational tool for the users, so the fact of showing an attractive design took particular attention. As possible, the user can obtain a certain, as well as necessary, culture about energy and electricity tariffs.

In the sector of the most advanced users, this website is not only a technical support for designers and installers, providing different tools for rapid calculation, but also a deep study of the methodology for the complete sizing of the facilities.
A technical guideline collects most important design criteria, based on the energy and economic optimization of the facilities. This guide has been prepared by experts, is free of charge and can be used as a reference document.

A website where we deal with self-consumption matters in great detail.

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  • Self consumption in figures. All statistics available in the same app. A detailed analysis of number of facilities, the technologies, electrical power in service, geographical distribution, etc.

  • Self-consumption on the map. We show the geographical distribution of self-consumption facilities at municipal level throughout Spain.

  • Detailed fact sheets of real self-consumption facilities in service, promoted by public administrations in different geographical areas and with different characteristics.

  • The Faqs. A section where we answer frequently asked questions about self-consumption.

  • Know each of the components of a self-consumption facility.

  • Simulate your photovoltaic installation for self-consumption, in order to give service to your home or business. Specify location, type of electric tariff contract, etc.

  • Profitability of self-consumption facilities. Find a list of technical and economic study cases, sorted by user typologies. Choose among some applications and main modalities of self-consumption facilities.