One of the aims of the Association is the joint follow-up of the main strategies in the field of energy policy at national level. We include in this section the documents that reflect our view and proposals in relation to issues of special relevance such as selfconsumption, electric mobility or the national energy efficiency strategy.

Nuestra Visión y Propuestas sobre el Plan Nacional de Acción y Eficiencia Energética 2017-2020

(Languages available: ES/EN) October 2017

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Our View and Proposals on self-consumption

(Languages available: ES/EN) March 2017

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Our View and Proposals on electro-mobility

(Languages available: ES/EN) March de 2017

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EnerAgen’s support to the legislative proposal on measures to promote the electrification of road transport and electro-mobility

(Languages available: ES) March 2017

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Read Legal publication 122/47
Read Legal publication 122/70

EnerAgen’s inputs to the National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency 2014-2020

(Languages available: ES) June 2014

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