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There is no doubt that Local and Regional Energy Agencies have played and play a key role in the transition towards a sustainable energy policy, a legal framework which can face the energetic, economic and environmental challenges arisen in Europe for the last two decades.

The European Union, being aware of the need for mobilizing a critical mass and for counting on a highly specialized public sector committed with the European energy guidelines, has strongly fostered the creation of Energy Agencies within local and regional public authorities. At present there is a network of more than 400 agencies in 31 different countries.

At present there is a network of more than 400 agencies in 31 different countries.

Basic principles of the Agencies

The Energy Agencies and Public Organisms involved in EnerAgen are key actors in the achievement of the energy, economic and climate targets both at local and global level, as well as in the follow-up to the initiatives of the European Commission.


Boost local and regional development, acting as key stakeholders of policies and technical solutions between the authorities and other agents of the energy sector.


Benefit the sustainability in all their actions and strategies, providing information and technical advice and offering different services based on the specialized knowledge of the needs and agents in their territories.


Bring about changes in behavioural habits making them more sustainable and to contribute to an efficient investment with employment creation.


The agencies involved in the Association, despite of their different structures, areas of activity and territorial scope, share similar interests, pursue the same objectives and face common challenges. EnerAgen enables them to work together more efficiently, which is crucial at the present time.


EnerAgen allows its members to take advantage of synergies and resources and contributes to the exchange of information and best practices among them. It is also a great debate forum for local and regional organisations specialized in energy and the voice representing their interests both at national and European level.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (April 2016- April 2018)

Catalan Energy Institute, ICAEN (Cataluña)

Assumpta Farran i Poca

Director of ICAEN

Regional Energy Agency of Castilla y León

Ricardo González Mantero

Director of EREN

Local Energy and Climate Change Agency of Murcia, ALEM (Murcia)

Antonio Navarro Corchón

Deputy Mayor and Councilor for the Environment of the City Council of Murcia

Energy Agency of the Province of Ávila

Luisa Fernanda Martín Vázquez

Director of APEA

Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness, Energy Unit, IVACE-ENERGY (Comunidad Valenciana)
Júlia Company Sanus
General Director of IVACE-ENERGY

Energy Agency of the Province of Cádiz, APEC (Cádiz)
María Isabel Peinado Pérez
Executive Vice-president of APEC

Marga Rodríguez Prada

Manager of EnerAgen


Association of Spanish Agencies for Energy Management, EnerAgen

  • Avda. de los Reyes Leoneses, 11 – 24008, León – Spain

  • +34 987 80 46 44

  • info@eneragen.org


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