The 12 reasons that justify being a member of the EnerAgen Association

  • Services of joint representation in order to deal with the National Public Administration (MINETUR, IDAE) and business associations and dialogue with other public and private institutions.
  • Participation in the working groups of the association and the possibility of leading and / or proposing the constitution of new ones. Joint monitoring of topics of interest, preparation of position papers and coordination of actions.

  • Promotion of the exchange of information and experiences between Agencies and Public Organisms.

  • Promotion of the image and activities of the members of EnerAgen, using our website, social networks and specialized media.

  • Actions in order to solve general consultations on plans, programs and / or activities of other partners and the Central Administration. Collaboration in the management of contacts and consultations with other agencies and public administrations.

  • Participation in the Governing Bodies of the Association and the option to belong to the Board of Directors.

  • Collaborative and active presence in the Webinars and forums of exchange of experiences organized by the Association.

  • Participation in the various activities promoted by the Association.

  • Channel the search for European Projects partners to all EnerAgen members.

  • Participation in training activities organized by the Association (free of charge and/or under advantageous conditions compared to market price).

  • Dissemination of the role and added value of the members in forums, congresses, conferences, specialized publications, etc.

  • Options of participating as a group in events and conferences (special discounts for associates).


The 25 Energy Agencies and Public Organisms that constitute EnerAgen


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