Spanish Sustainable Energy Financing

Project duration: 2016 – 2019


The EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 provides financial support to this project under grant agreement Nº 695822.

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Deloitte, S.L.



Diputación de Huelva




Diputación de Gerona




Search for information and review regulations, funding schemes, technical and economic issues that affect the set-up of new sustainable energy projects.

Gather and organize the existing financial, legal and technical frameworks in Spain and the EU, keeping them up to date.

Show the fund, grants and subsidies available at local, regional and national level. Also the EU framework will be reviewed.

Identify, illustrate and promote best practices for implementing innovative financial models.

Encourage dialogue among key actors with the setting up of specific working groups planning thematic meetings and workshops to analyze models and financial schemes.

Organise collective events at national level, which encourage dialogue between investors, public and private promoters, policy makers and also key technical professionals in energy projects.

Create an interactive e-platform as a reference website for meeting and connecting key players in sustainable energy projects. By registering as a user, you will be able to access exclusive information and share useful resources.

Design a virtual tool for connecting projects and funding sources. This resource named as ENERINTOOL will be available for registered users as an easy-to-use online application for technical, legal and financial assistance. Once implemented it will show the different financing options for a defined project, or the most appropriate technical alternative to invest.

Design and apply an intense communication and dissemination strategy that will use different channels to show the main actions and results achieved by ENERINVEST. Resources such as press kits, multimedia promotional material, forums, webinars and online conferences will be an important part of the dissemination activities of the project.


The ENERINVEST Platform Registry allows access to resources, tools and exclusive information on current technical, legal, financial support, schemes and financing possibilities for sustainable energy projects.

The registration gives access to consult:

  • Register at ENERINVEST to access the e-tool and also get exclusive benefits and information.

  • Get access to exclusive resources! (Documents, Forums, Webinars, among others).

  • Collaborate with other registered users! (Work together with other users of the platform).

  • Choose your specific role to have an optimized navigation experience within the web and take full advantage of all resources.

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