The Power of Used Cooking Oil to produce sustainable biodiesel

Project duration: 2012 – 2015



Intelligent Energy Europe Programme
Number – IEE/11/091/SI2.616369 – RecOil

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RecOil, an EU initiative supported by the European Commission through the Intelligent Energy for Europe Programme, aims to increase sustainable biodiesel production and its local market intake by enhancing household used cooking oil collection and transformation.

RecOil Objectives:

  • ­Boost, optimize and increase UCO collection and its transformation rate into biodiesel.

  • ­Promotion of biodiesel market by increasing citizen’s awareness and involving the key stakeholders.

  • Demonstrate best practices and their benefits through pilot projects.

  • ­Reduce the competition between agriculture and energy crops for biofuel production.

  • Contribute to EU policy and regulation development.

Working Programme:

RecOil assesses the “UCO to biodiesel” chain best practices, through a household survey, the industry expertise, the local authorities’ cooperation, and a review of the legal and market barriers and opportunities. The information gathered will integrate an online decision-making guide: a tool to assist stakeholders in developing an UCO-to-biodiesel supply chain adjusted to local specifications.

Pilot projects in promotion, collection, transformation and commercialization of UCO/biodiesel will be carried out according to the best practices identified. These projects will be living labs helping to validate the feasibility of these good practices but also showcasing and spreading the project’s results in a way that the achievements can be used to promote similar initiatives in other regions and by other entities.

Promotional campaigns and communication tasks will be developed to guarantee stakeholders’ involvement and to increase public interest about UCO recycling, motivating a behavioral change among citizens.

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