Transnational Platform to Support Energy Rehabilitation Financing

Project duration: 2016 – 2018



Code: SOE1/P3/E0294

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AGENEX – Extremadura Energy Agency.



European experiences in integrating Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies in building have proven to be highly successful in terms of economic and energy savings, and avoided emissions. Nevertheless, energy rehabilitation of buildings requires significant initial investment which can only be tackled if adequate funding is provided. Identification and transfer of successful financial instruments is crucial for the broad deployment of these projects, both in private housing and in public building.

REHABILITE project aims to break the distrust of citizens and the lack of knowledge in the financial sector, to promote a public support structure (financial instruments) based on European Funds and collaborations with Private Banking, as well as creating a critical mass of knowledge and practical examples that allow to increase the commitment of public and private sector.

The aim of the project is to modify supporting energy rehabilitation policies, so that they include innovative Financial Instruments (FIs), and test the viability of these new policies through pilot actions.

To achieve this objective, REHABILITE will develop 4 main products aimed at the administration, companies and financial sector:

  • Transnational platform to support energy rehabilitation financing.

  • 5 Ex ante studies and 5 FI structures.

  • SUDOE Methodology for Innovative FIs Design.

  • 7 Pilot actions to improve EE in buildings through FIs.

Additionally, there will be 4 transnational forums, 18 workshops, and 2 technical visits to places where IF has been successfully used as an example of good practices.

The innovation in FIs will be achieved through the coordination and integration of all investment programs that concern SUDOE zone. Thus the instruments will link local and regional strategies with national funds and other ERDF programs, or even other European funds such as the European Investment Bank or the Juncker Plan.

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