Asturian Energy Foundation


The Asturian Energy Foundation (FAEN), constituted on July 16th of 2001, is an entity with legal personality and full capacity to work with a scientific-technical, cultural and educational character. It is governed by the Law 50/2002, 26th of December. Its Board includes public and private entities related to energy sector of Asturias.


“Save Energy is in your hand!”


FAEN general aim and goal is the promotion and development of advising activities, research, technological progress, services, awareness and training in the field of energy, environmental sustainability and other aspects related to them.

Core activities

External relations

  • Energy planning.

  • Energy studies and publications.

  • Energy information service.

  • Participation on European and national Energy projects.

  • Training courses.

  • Dissemination.

Energy savings and efficiency

  • Information about grants and investment promotion.

  • Technical assistance.

  • Training courses.

  • Awareness raising campaigns.

  • Energy efficiency certification in buildings.

  • Energy audits.
  • Checking energy savings.

Renewable energies

  • Technical assistance to citizens, companies and Public Administrations.

  • Development of studies of energy resources.

  • Pre-feasibility study on renewable energy installations.

  • Boost of technology development and innovation projects.

  • Awareness raising campaigns.

  • Training courses.

  • Information about grants and subsidies.


  • C/ Fray Paulino, s/n 33600, Mieres • Asturias

  • +34 985 467 180

  • +34 985 454 143

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