Energy Area of the Provincial Government of Soria


The Provincial Energy Service is set up in 2017 inside the organization of the Institution of the Soria Provincial Council and with the objective of providing advice about energy efficiency.


“We are working towards a sustainable energy model, based on efficiency, renewable and indigenous resources”


  • Promotion, development, management and coordination of actions aimed to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies.

  • Education and awareness on sustainable development by means of communication and promotion.

  • Efficient energy management of buildings and facilities of the Provincial Council and of villages in the Province.

Core activities

  • Technical advice, project management, site management, etc. both of the different plans that the Provincial Council conducts across the province in the field of energy and of those done by municipalities that request it.

  • Management of the energy consumption of the Provincial Council and collaboration in monitoring those projects belonging to the municipalities in the province. Issuance of Energy Certifications for those buildings belonging to the Provincial Council and to the municipalities that request it.

  • Training and promotion actions, awareness-raising campaigns, implementation and provision of training courses, organization and participation in conferences and workshops related to awareness-raising about technological innovations and about energy and environmental regulations, edition of best practices manuals, collaboration with media to release outreach reports, climate change, etc.

  • Information to the general public and to private and public sectors regarding funding programs and regarding national, regional and Community grants on energy and environment, as well as including their management in those public bodies that request it, and institutional support in the field of energy.


  • C/Caballeros, 17, 42002 • Soria

  • +34 975 101 016

  • +34 975 101 002

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