Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness – Energy Unit


IVACE-ENERGY is a public entity attached to the Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labour of the Regional Government of Valencia. Within IVACE, IVACE-Energy business unit has the powers to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency in the region of Valencia.


“Towards a new energy model”


IVACE-Energy’s main objective is to set the foundations for a new, more just, democratic and sustainable energy model. The fundamental pillars of the new model are renewable energies together with energy saving and, in particular, the contribution of self-consumption technologies. The following actions will contribute to its achievement:

  • Energy saving and efficiency. To propose and implement measures to promote consumption rationalization and reduction of costs in all economic sectors.

  • Renewable energies. To set up actions and programs to increase the use of renewable energy resources in heating and electricity production, together with the promotion of biofuels.

  • Energy diversification. To foster measures and incentives to achieve a better use of the different energy sources and the use of less polluting resources.

  • Self-consumption. To develop support lines and plans to facilitate and favour the introduction of this technology in different economic sectors.

  • Use of new technologies. To establish programs and lines of research for the development and use of new technologies in the energy field.

Core activities

  • Grants and funding. Design and management of financial instruments for energy efficiency, renewable energies projects and self-consumption.

  • Energy Assessment. Studies and technical assistance.

  • Training and research. Organization of training programs and promotion of R&D lines.

  • Collaboration at national and European scope. Exchange of knowledge and technologies among the countries of the European Union and participation in programs in these fields.

  • Information campaigns: Campaigns to promote energy efficiency in domestic sector.


  • Ciutat Administrativa 9 d’Octubre – Torre 2, C/ Castán Tobeñas, 77 – 46018 • Valencia

  • +34 961 209 600

  • +34 961 247 903 / 961 247 904

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