Society for the development of the Province df Burgos


Society for the development of the Province df Burgos (SODEBUR) is a SAVE Energy Agency created and ruled by Burgos Provincial Government in 2004 in order to promote renewable energies and energy efficiency in the province of Burgos.


“We want to help you to control your energy”


  • Increase of the public awareness about the energy sources shortage and their rational and compatible with economical and environmental issues use.

  • Promotion of Renewable Energies.

  • Development of saving energy policies and promotion of the rational use of energy.

Core activities

  • Execution of structural actions aimed at the sustainable development of the province (evaluation and analysis of the province energy structure, assessment of the potential renewable sources, study of the availability of biomass in the province of Burgos, searching of investors in renewable energy sector, etc.).

  • Training, diffusion and promotion activities: informative campaigns, good practices manuals, mass media, conferences, courses, workshops, spreading of the regulation and technological innovations in the fields of energy and environment, etc.

  • Technical advising in RES and RUE technologies.

  • Information to the public sector, companies and citizens in general about financing programs, economical incentives and subventions.

  • Institutional support in order to work as the intermediaries between public organizations and the energy market actors and develop national and international contacts to promote the exchanges of information and energy technology.

  • Development of European projects in different sectors (RES, energy efficiency, transport, biofuels, biomass, etc) and under different European Programmes (IEE, LIFE…).


  • Consulado del Mar. Paseo del Espolón, 14, 09003 • Burgos

  • +34 947 04 06 29

  • +34 947 04 06 31

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