Regional Energy Agency of Castilla y León


EREN was established under the Law 7/1996, as a public entity subject to private law, attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Regional Castilla y León Government, to plan and develop the regional energy policy on renewable energy sources and of energy efficiency.


“We believe in an energy self-sufficient region, committed to renewable energies and a rational energy consumption”


  • Contribute for a competitive and balanced energy system.

  • Control and reduce the energy intensity.

  • Reduce the environmental impact comes from energy consumption.

  • Decrease foreign energy dependence through energy security supply.

  • Promote energy diversification.

  • Improve the security and quality of the different energy technologies´ supply.

  • Increase the share of renewable energies to energy production.

Core activities

  • Innovative financing schemes implementation for energy efficiency, cogeneration and renewable energy projects.

  • Preparation of energy planning of the Autonomous Community.

  • Managing energy regional subsidies.

  • Energy advicing to SMEs, industry and other activity sectors.

  • Coordination and technical advisor to implement energy actions in installations of all ministries of the regional government.

  • Information and energy programs focus on citizens and training for professionals.

  • Advice to provincial and local public entities or other public entities in the region (Universities, Foundations,…).

  • Competent entity for management the Register of Building Energy Certification.

  • Participation in energy European projects.


  • Avenida de los Reyes Leoneses, 11 (Edificio EREN), 24008 • León

  • +34 987 84 93 93

  • +34 987 849 390

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