Local Energy and Climate Change Agency of Murcia


ALEM, Local Energy and Climate Change Agency of Murcia, was founded in 2008 as a European Consortium of Energy Agencies within the framework of the Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission. In 2012 ALEM was fully integrated into the municipal structure of Murcia City Council. At the moment it is a Municipal Service depending on the Department of Urbanism, Environment and Orchards Culture.


“Energy and much more...”


  • To encourage responsible energy consumption through the promotion of energy efficiency and the use of renewable and alternative energy resources.

  • To guide Municipal action for an adaptation and mitigation to the Climate Change effects.

  • Sustainable Mobility: To actively contribute to the promotion of sustainable means of transport such as bicycle, walking and electric vehicle.

  • Boost citizen awareness in relation to energy consumption, the need to use renewable energy sources and sustainable means of transport.

Core activities

Municipal energy consumption

  • Renewable energy resources.

  • Energy studies and publications.

  • Participation in energy projects at national, European and international level.

  • Promotion of the use of biomass.

  • Reports and energy audits.

  • Municipal Energy Performance Certificates.

  • Management of the Covenant of Mayors, the local strategy created in compliance with the European Initiative, Mayors Adapt.

  • Leading of the Energy Group in RECI, the Spanish Network of Intelligent Cities.

Efficient transport and urban mobility

  • Advisory entity in the PMUS of Murcia.

  • Implementation and monitoring of the Local Strategy of the Electric Vehicle of the Municipality of Murcia.

  • Carry out activities and events for the promotion of sustainable mobility.

  • Active participation in European networks for sustainable mobility such as CIVINET or EUROCITIES.

Climate change

  • Carry out activities such as the Municipal emissions data inventory or the carbon footprint.

  • Design and implement the Plan for the Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change.

  • Develop actions, workshops and events to combat Climate Change and to involve citizens as Climathon.

Sustainable urban planning and construction

  • Energy saving in municipal buildings.

  • Energy efficiency technical support to the municipal organisation.

Training, public awareness and public sensitivity

  • Technical assistance, training courses, public awareness campaigns and publication of results in the media.


  • C/ Azarbe del Papel 22, 2ª planta, 30007 • Murcia

  • +34 968 20 02 93

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