GIPUZKOA PROVINCIAL COUNCIL, Department of Sustainability


The Gipuzkoa Provincial Council Directorate-General for the Ecological Transition has been working for almost two decades for a fair and sustainable energy transition. This transition began with the search for energy sustainability in buildings themselves and as it progressed in this area, the need was confirmed for launching actions that would help to encourage the energy transition throughout the entire province.

As a result of this, the Gipuzkoa 2050 Energy Sustainability Strategy, approved at the end of 2021, is developing an energy model for Gipuzkoa based on considering energy as a basic commodity and envisages as its core features the distributed generation of energy based on renewables for self-consumption, the hierarchy of action for an efficient sustainable energy management model, the new role played by buildings and vehicles, the efficient rollout of renewables linked to the rollout of self-consumption, the decarbonization of our economic activity and partnerships with local stakeholders to bring about change.


“For a fair and sustainable energy transition”


Impulsar la ejecución de las acciones contenidas en la Estrategia de Sostenibilidad Energética de Gipuzkoa 2050, la cual se basa en los siguientes conceptos, principio y criterios de jerarquía y relación:

  • Energy is a basic commodity.
  • Distributed generation based on renewables for self-consumption.
  • The hierarchy of action for an efficient sustainable energy model.

  • The new role of buildings and vehicles.

  • The efficient rollout of renewables, inextricably linked to the rollout of self-consumption.

  • Renewables for Gipuzkoa and their sustainable implementation.

  • Towards the decarbonisation of economic activity.

  • Partnerships with local stakeholders, vital for bringing about change.


Core activities

  • To develope the Gipuzkoa Energy Sustainability strategy and the Gipuzkoa Energy Observatory.

  • To promote a change in the energy model at a district and municipal level: providing support for energy planning and management at a district and municipal level; boosting the Territorial Committee for Sustainable Energy and Energy Poverty and coordinating district and provincial strategies; promoting projects to speed up the energy transition and projects to reuse industrial waste heat.

  • To promote the distributed generation of renewable energy for self-consumption and other energy technologies: preparing and developing studies, models and strategies to implement and optimise renewable technologies and other energy technologies; monitoring and encouraging the harnessing of emerging renewable technologies; boosting a renewable Hydrogen strategy for Gipuzkoa.

  • To encourage sustainable energy management in homes and economic activities: information and advisory resources for energy management in homes, small businesses and schools; support tools and incentives for improving buildings, installations and equipment in economic activities; information, awareness-raising and training for professional sectors; launching a tax system to encourage energy sustainability.

  • To promote energy efficiency and renewable energies in urban planning and building : developing and promoting the use of technical recommendations regarding energy efficiency for town planning; guaranteeing and facilitating the introduction of energy efficiency criteria through strategic environmental assessment procedures for urban planning.

  • To promote an innovative local economic fabric aimed at changing the energy model: encouraging a new local market for the change in the energy model; support for the technology developments to be applied in Gipuzkoa; promoting knowledge, training and specialisation for professionals in collaboration with training centres.

  • To promote a Provincial public sector with zero GHG energy emissions: inventory of the Provincial Public Sector; provincial energy management and information system; energy efficiency certification and rating for buildings; audits, studies and planning for energy performance; technical recommendations; projects and building work to improve energy efficiency; mobility and adaptation of vehicle fleets to meet low emission standards; purchasing energy sources, machinery and equipment; information, awareness-raising and training; Gipuzkoa Provincial Commission for Energy Sustainability.


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  • +34 943 112 948

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