Granada Energy Agency


Non-profit association created in 2001 by the Provincial Council of Granada for the improvement and use of provincial energy resources, as well as raising awareness among local authorities, businesses and citizens about the scarcity of energy resources and the need for rational use of energy compatible with economic and environmental aspects, minimizing the possible negative impact on the environment and encouraging the implementation of renewable energy facilities.

At present it has become the “instrument” for direct advice to municipalities, and for raising funds.


“Since 2001 supporting our municipalities in sustainable energy development”


The actions of the Agency are attached to the following lines of work:

  • Creation of a provincial structure to support rational energy development.

  • Promotion of the implementation of renewable energy facilities through research and transfer of knowledge and experience.

  • Promotion of energy savings through the efficient exploitation of resources and the use of clean technologies.

  • Training and information on specific energy optimization and rationalization programs.

  • Technological and economic advice in the design and realization of studies and investments in facilities and energy infrastructure.

  • Promotion of the participation and cooperation of public and private agents in order to incorporate good practices of energy use.

  • Research, development and innovation in energy saving and renewable energy.

  • Implementation of environmental education activities in energy saving and renewable energy.

  • Open channels of collaboration with Public, Private Institutions, Entrepreneurs and Social Collectives.

Core activities

The actions carried out by the energy agency can be summarized as follows:

  • Activities of study and analysis of the energy situation of municipal services.

  • Technical assistance.

  • Investment actions to reduce energy consumption and economic costs.

  • Dissemination activities.

All these activities are articulated mainly through a municipality participation process called “Concertación de Granada” through program 138 “Provincial Energy Agency”. To these projects we must add the actions carried out outside of it, derived from the collaboration in European projects, as by the search of external sources of financing, and finally by the accomplishment of the technical assistance work.

In the development of the activities of the agency, the funds obtained go directly to the Provincial Government of Granada, to ensure that the principles of public procurement are respected in their management and application.


  • Edificio CIE – 1ª Planta • Avda. Andalucía s/n, 18015 • Granada

  • +34 958 28 15 51

  • +34 958 28 15 53

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