General Directorate for Industry, Energy and Innovation of the Government of Navarra


The Autonomous Decree 170/2015 of Navarra, that establishes the organizational structure of the Vice-presidency of Economic Development of the Government of Navarra, assigns to the General Directorate for Industry, Energy and Innovation, DGIEI, among others functions, competences related to energy planning, infrastructures and installations involved in production, transport and energy distribution.

The DGIEI structure consists of three services: the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Service, the Energy, Mines and Industrial Security Service, and the Legal and Administrative Assistance Service.


“Sustainability of Navarra: social, economic and environmental aspects”


The actions of the General Directorate for Industry, Energy andInnovation of the Government of Navarra regarding its participation in EnerAgen respond to the following future objectives:

  • Promote an efficient use of energy, under the premise that the most renewable energy is the one that is not consumed. This greater efficiency is associated with economic savings that increase the competitiveness as a region and contributes to economic growth.

  • Make progress in the intelligent management of energy, adapting the demand to production, seeking to have a more sustainable, competitive and secure energy system.

  • Promote renewable energy production from competitive sources, so that a greater number of indigenous and renewable resources play a relevant role in the regional energy mix.

  • Involve citizens of Navarra in saving energy and in the promotion of renewable energies.

  • Give information and advice, and make citizens aware about energy consumption.

Core activities

The DGIEI seeks to promote a new culture in the use of energy to promote a transition towards an energy model in which citizens are an active part beyond consumption.

Actions for the autonomous community of Navarra

  • Development of the IV Energy Plan for Navarra Horizon 2030.

  • Training seminars on energy and building in 2017.

  • Seminars to focus on the internationalization of Navarre companies in the field of renewable energy.

  • Management of the call of grants and subsidies to local entities for the promotion of energy efficiency, the implementation of renewable energy and the promotion of electric mobility.

  • Management of reports to request tax deductions in investments in facilities of renewable energies and in systems of recharge.

Internal actions

  • Programme of energy management and promotion of energy services in the public Administration of the Autonomous Community of Navarra.

  • Development of actions and contracts in public sector:

    • Implementation of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency measures in public buildings, as well as in tunnels of the road network.
    • Supply of electric bicycles for the Administration.
    • Provide and contracting an energy services company in the nursing home “El Vergel”.


  • Parque Tomás Caballero nº 1, Edificio “Fuerte del Príncipe II”, 31005 • Pamplona
  • +34 848 42 76 76

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